Crew is a group of students that hack on cool projects to make our school a better place.

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We make cool stuff.

We work on stuff that ranges from web development to infrastructure to cloud computing, so if you're interested in any or all of the above definitely consider getting involved. Check out the projects section on this page to see what we've worked on and what we're building now.

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Check out what we're doing.

All of our projects are currently hosted on the official CREW Github account. We also have constructed a list of current and completed projects seen below.

Completed Projects


If you ever wanted to enter the pit but weren't sure if anyone was there to let you in, this project is your solution! The pitcam, located at allows you to see if anyone is in the pit.

Crewtinuous Deployment

This projected is a deployment system for crew. It hooks into Github's WebHook Service Hooks. Configure a webserver to host this repo then point the Service Hook at that URL.

OpenVZ Migration

A lot of older Crew services (such as IRC and DDS) were running on older hardware utilizing OpenVZ. We have moved these services to virtual machines running on VMWare.

Current Projects

Digital Display System

This is currently Crew's primary project: outfitting the CCIS building with useful digital displays.

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Got any questions?

The best way to contact us is to join our Facebook group.
You can also try stopping by our main headquarters, located at 312 West Village H, aka "The Pit".

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Find us here.

No experience?

The best way to learn is to do! Come to a meeting and join a project that interests you.

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